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Beginning in May, club meetings will be at the field. Yes still on the first Tuesday of the month.

Thank you,

Fun Fly on Sunday 4/23/2017 (we need volunteers to help set up, clean up, cook etc...) Contact Cory with what you'd like to do.


Elected Officers for 2017

The following Club members were elected to the 2017 Board:

President: Cory Winter
Vice President:  Al Newton
Treasurer:  John Snow
Secretary: Gene Schnegelsberger



Club Members,

2016 club dues are due no later than our March club meeting which is March 1st. The dues structure for 2016 remains the same: $75 seniors, $100 regular, family membership the same as your senior or regular dues price.  Dues are waived for active duty military.  A late fee of $15 will apply to any late payments. 

Please come to the club meeting or send a check made payable to CrossWinds RC Club to the following address:

John Snow
1324 Tanner Avenue
Burlington Twp, NJ 08016

You can also pay via PayPal to  

Hope to see everyone back for another great year!!!

The Board




Up Coming Events

The following are Flying event dates for 2016



North East Phila. Radio Control Club
CLUB 40 Pylon Race Schedule








New Bylaws

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Bylaws Amendments

“A revision to bylaws is an extensive rewrite that often makes fundamental changes in the structure of the organization. By considering a revision of your bylaws, you're proposing to substitute a new set of bylaws for the existing ones. Therefore, the rules regarding scope of notice that limit primary and secondary amendments don't apply. Your group is free to amend anything in the proposed revision before it's adopted, as if the bylaws were being considered and adopted for the first time.”

Most of the wording in the current Bylaws was extensively reworked during the revision write; however, the original intent for the most part was retained. The following represents some of the more significant changes:

1. Officially establishes “Gold Card” and “Lifetime” membership categories
2. Moves the collection of dues from October through January to January through March
3. Officially establishes the “Board” as an entity
4. Officially establishes the “Safety Coordinator” position, an AMA requirement
5. More clearly defines Club Officer duties and responsibilities
6. Officially establishes a “Club Guest Policy”
7. Provides the Board greater flexibility and latitude to administer to Club business without the continual need for Bylaws amendments



A.M.A. Charter #1563
1324 Tanner Avenue
Burlington Twp, NJ 08016
July 8, 2014

CROSSWINDS RC Club is a radio controlled model aviation club for building and flying model aircraft of all types.  The club's flying field is located behind the Westampton Middle School, Westampton NJ in the Rancocas State Park.  The purpose of the CrossWinds Radio controlled aviation club is to promote radio controlled model aviation building and flying and to organize safe operation of radio controlled aircraft at the flying site.
Flying and building radio controlled Airplanes, Jets and helicopters is a fantastic hobby for all ages. Come join us and learn how to fly radio controlled airplanes, jets and helicopters.

Cross-Winds RC field

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