Cross-Winds RC Club Inc.
A.M.A. Charter #1563
A.M.A. Charter #1563
A.M.A. Charter #1563


CROSSWINDS RC Club is a radio-controlled flying club for building and flying model aircraft of all types.  The club’s flying field is located behind the Westampton Middle School; Westampton NJ, in the Rancocas State Park.  The purpose of the club is to promote radio-controlled model aviation building and flying and to organize safe operation of radio-controlled aircraft at the flying site. 

Next Meeting:  May 14, 2024 @ 6PM - Crosswinds Flying Field

Important:  Send an email to to log your attendance when flying at the the flying site.  Include your full name, arrival time and number of guest!  Thanks

The club consists of members of all ages.  Members have experience levels from those beginning in the hobby, weekend sport fliers, to competition fliers.  The club welcomes those who are new and interested in the hobby.  

The club has a flight training program in place.  It is recommended that you start out with an instructor before you start in the hobby.  You will get started right and will minimize your chances of crashing that new, freshly built, shiny plane of yours.

The club is a charter member of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA).    

Whether you are an experienced flier or have wanted to fly radio-controlled aircraft, get started now! 


COME FLY WITH US!  Visitors are welcome at the field.
The club meets quarterly.  However; during the summer starting in June, we will be meeting at our flying field. 

Check the message board on our home page for additional details.

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